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Cleaning your carpet

Cleaning the Green
In our experience the best way to maintain the green is to adopt a regular cleaning regime where you vacuum the carpet at least once or twice weekly rather than periodically cleaning when you have a build up of surface debris. In this way you constantly remove the non visible debris such as spores, pollen and small seeds which will inevitably build up in the carpet and reduce the risk of propagation.  Remember it is the unseen items such as moss spores that cause most damage to the surface if allowed to germinate so its important to vacuum the green even if it looks clean on a regular basis if weather conditions are favourable and the carpet is dry.  

Vacuuming the Outdoor Carpet 

As a general rule on outdoor synthetic greens we advocate that you vacuum across the green so that there is no risk of tracking lines being created and interfering with the natural trajectory of the bowl as it travels up and down the green.   Initially vacuum the entire green working away from the electrical power point and travel across the green allowing for an overlap of a few inches on each pass. Try and have a fixed aiming point on the opposite side of the green and vacuum in a straight a line as possible thus ensuring you clean the entire surface.   Vacuum a little more slowly on the ends of the rink or where there are entry points onto the green as this is where much of the dirt and debris is ingressed onto the surface from the green surrounds.

The above process once you have become familiar with the vacuum cleaner takes on average about 10 minutes per rink so that a six rink green with a deep clean takes approximately one hour.

N.B.  The Proweave Sportsvac is a dry only vacuum cleaner and should only be used on a dry green in dry conditions.