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Kennet Equipment Leasing
Proweave Cleaning Systems Ltd has teamed up with Kennet Leasing in order to create a financial leasing package that may prove advantageous for many indoor bowling clubs.  We have a two and three year financial package options available to bowls clubs throughout the UK.

The package is based around the Proweave Sportsvac valued at £1750.00 and one pack of ten paper bags £23.50 which should be sufficient for a minimum of 3 – 4 years operation and a delivery cost of £20.00.  The total value of the equipment is therefore £1793.50 plus Vat.

What happens once your application is approved by Kennet Leasing which usually takes 2-3 days is that in effect you rent the equipment at the figures below for the given term of either two or three years. At the end of the two or three year term has been completed you are given the opportunity to purchase outright the equipment for a further monthly payment.

Should you require more information on the leasing options and rates payable please go to the 'Contact Us' page on the website.